From a holiday to the launch of our brand, a few months have passed since a boy from Milan, a boy from London and a girl from Paris conceived, created and built TWONDRES.
A brand not only of denim, which will launch a new capsule every 6 months and which will open its first physical store in the heart of London in 2025.

From an idea of ​​one night, we have come this far... and it's just the beginning! With two capsules already in the works, during 2024 we will launch the best TOWNDRESs pieces yet. From t-shirts to jeans to coats, the TOWNDRES total look will be unmissable. Get ready, we're here!

  • Paris

    The art of Paris. A city that is timeless art. Beleville the corner of Paris.

  • London

    The dispatch of London. Unbridled and unstoppable. Soho, night thoughts.

  • Milan

    The charm of Milan. Ideas and innovations. Cinque vie, the story.

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